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Coming out

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This blog have been lying aside way too long. Procrastinating is nobody’s friend, but seriously with me, it’s getting kind of pathologic.

I am writing in English by the way, yes, this will happen every once in a while. I mean, this wasn’t the purpose of this blog; if this blog ever had a defined purpose. You know, the blog’s first name was « Tout et son contraire », as in « Everything and contrary », and as far as I can remember, fashion, hair, politics, pregnancy, society, more hair, food, history, music, sociology, no more hair, a whole lot of things have been shared in here. And that’s just the way I want it to be.

I am not a trend setter and not really a good follower either, I suck at DYI (let it be said), I am always late on news, I don’t network (nor systematically comment on the hype bloggers post to get visitors, ahem.. kind of pathetic, no judgment meant) and I will not serve marvelously styled and photographed edito-like articles about the 7th new bag of the week that I am carrying (I’d like it though). And the great thing is that nobody really comes to this blog expecting any of those things.

I am a story teller, I want to believe I have always been and hope I always will be . I am very proud of that little space, and even if I sometimes get a bit embarrassed by its egocentrism (but again, it’s called VeryCynthia, so you should know there is a lot of ME there), I am starting to feel like sharing it with my real life people. A lot of them being not French (I know, it’s sad huh); I will have to work on translated versions. There will be some integral ones, there will be some summed up ones, and they will be literal ones (okay, I will try to touch those ones up a little, because yes, Google translator kind of does the off context thing a lot!).

One confidence I have to make is that I have struggled with the whole blogging thing outside of my comfort zone (husband, sister, and closer friends). I painstakingly overanalyze everything, and that way, try to stay objective. So yeah, I feel weird getting dressed and taking photos of myself to share them with an over the web panel of admirers/detractors/judges/fans/people passing by. I also feel stupid about getting over excited over shoes/bags/stuff that I end up forgetting about once I get them, but I would be a liar pretending that those petty little things don’t have a place in my life and sometimes, I do have some interesting ideas in that pretty little head of mine. I also do like sitting down and write to people I don’t really know. I once told best friend Jack (yeah I have a lot of best friends, so since I’m not sure you all follow, let me put it this way) that friends ended up being the biggest strangers sometimes.  Because you either want to protect their feelings or keep yourself high in their heart and esteem, they somehow end up being the people you feel less open with.
So in a way, the « no bagageness » of this situation gives a fair deal of freedom. On the other hand, a lot of things are shared with strangers that actually shouldn’t be. I’m growing more and more exasperated by Facebook, Twitter and this entire « straight out of my mind/ right in the whole world » attitude that people have nowadays. I mean this impression of personal space conduct people to abandon the auto filters and just spill it all out regardless of the audience. The truth is, how personal is a facebook account? But then again: digression. My auto filters are active and if they ever go missing, husband will be right here to tell me so.

The reason why I have kept this to myself is probably the fear of judgment, but again, why should I care so much about what people expected me to do or not to do? More seriously, I really enjoy writing (do you have the feeling that I am interviewing myself here? Cause I do *weird), I am living far from most of my friends and family, and even though I am not planning on writing for anyone else than myself, I would like this blog to be a known part of me (so I won’t end up half blushing – half choking when someone (Thanks Jack and Vanessa) mentions it in a conversation again!).

Some will appreciate it, some will count it as one of my oddities (like gloves indoor or necklaces worn like shoulder holster) and some won’t really care so much which is absolutely alright.
So welcome to you all!

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