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Happy Birthday My Love!

Two people so far away from each other, that just life could bring them together!

Life put us behind screens and tied our hands together.

From the moment we found each other, we knew that life wouldn’t be the same anymore if we had to grow apart. Nothing seemed to matter, even though, there was so much to think about… Two worlds between us, two worlds around us, two colors, two cultures, two languages, two families, two countries, two strong people…

But from the moment you held my hand, I knew.

If there were one in this world who was to be for me, that was you; and ever since, I never stopped thinking that you are my special gift from God.

You are my love, my lover, my husband, my friend, my brother, my joy and my happiness, and I am so proud and happy to be your wife!

Happy birthday my love!

2 commentaires

  1. C’est mignon tout plein 🙂

    Pour répondre à ta question, chez moi ta page se charge rapidement, il n’y a aucun souci!

    Bonne journée à toi,

    Mademoiselle M.

  2. verycynthia dit

    @ Mademoiselle M. : Oh merci! Bises

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